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Scuba Diving in Maui

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Scuba Mike, a scuba diving guide on Maui for over 30 years, offers a special Scooter Dive, perfect for certified divers searching for a new kind of thrill in Hawaii.

The use of an underwater scooter, or Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV), allows scuba divers to travel up to 4x faster and 8x further than a normal dive. By allowing these easy-to-use scooters to do much of the work for you, you're able to extend your time and range in the water. Many consider this a fun alternative to regular scuba diving tours, and we definitely recommend giving it a try on your next trip to Maui.

In order to ensure safe scooter use, Scuba Mike offers the following tips:

  • Ascend & Descend Slowly - To avoid problems with air pressure, follow the same rules as a regular scuba diving by making slow, gradual ascents and descents.
  • Hang On - The scooter is not connected to you, so make sure to grip the handles!
  • Stay Away from the Bottom - Since the scooter is powered by a propeller, approaching the bottom can cause sand to get stirred up, disturbing nearby marine life and ruining underwater visibility for others divers nearby. Keep a safe distance from the bottom and enjoy the clarity!
  • Stay with a Dive Master - Just because you're moving faster and further doesn't mean you should go off alone. Always stay with a dive master to ensure you return to the proper starting point with a safe amount of air.
  • Enjoy Yourself - Scooters allow less exertion and more range. You will need less air than on a normal dive and can swim longer and further. Enjoy the experience!

Scooter dives are offered in several locations throughout the island and are $99 per person. To book your dive, contact Scuba Mike directly at (808) 250-5494.

SNUBA Diving in Maui

For those not already scuba certifed, Snuba is an excellent alternative. No experience is necessary to breath underwater as your tank follows you at the surface. It's a ton of fun and offers easy access to additional, deeper marine life. Learn more about snuba diving 1-877-867-7433.

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