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Portrait Photography Tips

  • Have everyone in your group matching to a degree. It's nice to have some variation, but 5 people in khakis and 1 person in a bright aloha shirt throws things off. Try to dress in similar colors, but try not to go overboard. Everyone wearing the same white shirt can be a bit boring.

  • If you tend to squint in sunlight, and you don't want photos of it, choose a sunset shoot.

  • If you have kids, make sure they're rested enough to handle an hour or so of posing. Also consider bringing something that will make them laugh. Your photographer should have some ideas, but it's best if you bring something (and a bribe for doing well.)

  • If you have kids, when you're posing, don't look at your child unless the photo calls for it. You'd be surprised on how many great photos are taken of a child in the group with at least 1/2 of everyone looking at the child trying to make sure they look good. I don't know why I wrote this because you're still going to do it.

  • If you have trouble loosening up for photos, sometimes a cocktail can help. I said "a" cocktail. Best to not show up hammered.

  • Show up a few minutes early, especially if you've never been to the location before. It's nice to chat with the photographer while they set up to get a better idea of what everyone wants.

  • Have fun! Some of the best photos come from candid groupings with real smiles.

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