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Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you specialize in Maui Car Rentals? was formed to give our viewers the best prices on Maui car rentals. In order to do this, we have negotiated rates with companies on island. Being specific to Maui has given us the upper hand in negotiating lower prices.

Why would you ever refer me to another agency?

If we can't get you the lowest rate for a specific vehicle or time, we'll refer you to a competitor through a link. Our first concern is getting you the lowest rate on your car.

What locations do you serve?

We have found the best prices for any car rental within Maui County. That includes our neighboring island of Molokai. You can also use our Online Search Engine to find car rentals anywhere in the country. Check us first, then see if you can find a better price anywhere else.

What is your cancellation policy?

You may incur a small service fee when cancelling. See details in check out.

What is the minimum age to rent a car in Maui?

You must be 21 years old with a valid drivers license and a credit card. Some companies such as Avis will only rent to those who are 25 years old and above.

Why would I rent through you if I'm visiting many islands?

You need to reserve seperately per island you go to. Coming to us for your Maui car rental to get the best price while in Maui. If we learn of great prices on the outer islands, we'll add the information to the website for your benefit.

Can I rent an automatic transmission?

Every car we rent is automatic.

Do both drivers have to sign in order to drive?

Any additional drivers must sign the agreement before taking the car.

I need a child safety seat. Do all companies offer them?

No. Enterprise is the only company that does not offer a child safety seat. The other companies will let you rent one in advance.

Are there any restrictions as to where on Maui I can drive?

You may not drive your vehicle off-road. Most everywhere you go on Maui is paved. The only exceptions are when you travel deep into Hana on some dirt roads, but you won't need to go to these places unless you have family or friends that live there. Most of these roads are mild too, unless it's been raining. The backside of Haleakala is also forbidden. Visitors used to drive it to get back around the island after visiting Hana, but since last year, the road has been closed to everyone.

Do I need to purchase insurance?

Not always. Insurance is added to your rental if you need it. Most people find that their current insurance providers will cover them while renting a car in Maui. Some credit card companies also offer coverage for free.

Where do I pick up my car at the airport?

The car rental companies all have booths on the right hand side of the parking lot as you leave the Kahului baggage claim area. walk to the street and then follow it on the outside of the circle till you see the booths. At the booth, you'll be set up with a car, or directed towards the shuttle.

Why is there an up charge to rent a car on Molokai?

The island of Molokai is trying to stay modestly populated and visited. This means they impose restrictions on the amount of cars allowed on the island for rent. They only allow smaller cars to be rented as well.

Will all Maui rental companies accept Debit cards?

Yes, so long as the card has major credit card company logos on it.

Can I rent a car in Maui with cash?

Yes, Dollar allows this with many restrictions. You must present a valid US drivers license or a valid passport, be staying at a property other than a campground, be a certain age, and pay a a cash deposit, among other things.

May I smoke cigarettes in my rental car?

You may not smoke in Avis, Budget, Dollar, and Thrifty car rentals. Some other providers offer certain vehicles to smoke in.

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