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Maui Camping

Rent a truck or SUV with rooftop caming gear for epic Maui camping.

If you consider yourself an adventurous traveler, or are in search of a different, more rugged experience beyond the luxurious resort pools, we highly recommend a camping trip while on Maui.

Not only is camping one of the best ways to explore some of the most remote, gorgeous areas of the island, but it also offers a memorable, perhaps more interesting, way of travel. Due to Hawaii's weather and terrain, it's also one of the most ideal places to camp at any time of year.

Camping Considerations

  • Safety - Yes, it is safe to camp on Maui! As with anywhere, we recommend not leaving valuables laying out in your car or wandering onto private property to camp (there are a number of designated campgrounds available). Outside of that, you should be just fine.
  • Location - Whether you've dreamt of camping above the cloud line on the slopes of a volcano, near waterfalls and a stunning bamboo forest, above a black sand beach and freshwater caves, or along a beautiful stretch of uncrowded beach, Maui has a variety of insanely scenic campgrounds to choose from. Check out the most popular local camping locations for more information.
  • Gear & Necessities - No matter where you decide to camp, there are certain items that will undoubtedly make your Maui camping trip more convenient and enjoyable. The problem is that 1) the majority of those items take up a ton of space in your luggage, and 2) you probably don't want to spend the money to purchase them all for a single vacation. Luckily, Camp Maui-X offers camping equipment rentals, or for a more all-inclusive option, we highly suggest...

Rooftop Camping

woman steps outside of rooftop camping setup to look at the ocean If you really want to camp like a pro on Maui, why not combine your car rental with all your necessary camping equipment?

Rent an SUV with a rooftop camping setup, which includes 1 tent for 2-3 guests, or a truck with 1-2 tents for up to 6 guests. The tents are securely mounted to the top of each vehicle, and also include a 4 inch foam mattress, stove, head lamps, blankets, backpack, coolers, beach towels, lanterns, utensils, coffee maker, chairs, maps, cutting board and more. All you have to worry about is packing your cooler and you're set!

Even better, airport pick-up and drop-off is included with your rental, and they even offer extras like SUP boards, snorkel gear, beach umbrellas, boogie boards and GoPro rentals for an additional fee. Easy breezy.

And for those who are still a little hesitant about camping or don't consider themselves particularly 'outdoorsy,' they even offer Super Excursions for a guided camping experience that includes pretty much whatever you want, from full catering for your group to private tour excursions and more.

For more information or to reserve a vehicle, please visit Camp Maui-X or call (808) 298-5828. Happy camping!

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